Adoption Process

To become eligible for a Rescue Vizsla you will need to download the application form, fill it out on your computer, and email it to the Rescue team.

Step 1:
Step 2:

This is a fillable form formatted in Microsoft Word (.docx). Most browsers will directly move this file to the download folder and not display or open it.

Fill out the form and attach it to an email to


When we have a Vizsla needing a home, we check through the applications of people on the waiting list and try to match the Vizsla to the home most suitable for him/her. When we feel we have a good match, we phone the applicant to arrange a meeting between the applicant and the Vizsla. The Rescue Vizsla may still be at its owner's home in which case you can meet it there. Or it might be in foster care in which case you would go to the foster care home to meet the dog. If the dog meets with your approval, you sign an Adoption Agreement and give a minimum donation to the VCNC Rescue Fund of $350 or more (senior dogs are often less).


This donation is applied to expenses generated in re-homing Vizslas. Some of our Rescue Vizslas, particularly those which have been neglected or abused, drain the Rescue Funds because of necessary expenses for surgery, inoculations, altering and long-term foster care during rehabilitation.


We ask that your donation be based on your financial situation, so that ALL homeless Vizslas can be helped through Breed Rescue. Generous donations will help us to carry on our rescue work and will be gratefully accepted.