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VCNC Breed Education Program


The breed eduction provided by VCNC has following goals:

  • To educate prospective puppy buyers about the breed

  • To provide a service to our active club member breeders so that they can share information about their Kennel and their available or planned litters

  • To connect prospective puppy buyers with reputable and active club member breeders

Code of Ethics


VCNC member breeders who want be part of the Breeder Referral Listing must have an up-to-date signed VCNC Breeder Code of Ethics document on file with the VCNC Breed Education Chair.


The VCNC CODE OF ETHICS for breeders and owners of the Vizsla was accepted by the VCNC Board of Directors on November 15, 2014. 


Breeder Referral Program


The VCNC guidelines for inclusion on the list requires that breeders breed only with the intention of adhearing to the Vizsla standard as recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Further, breeders agree to produce dogs that exhibit soundness, stable temperament and maintain natural hunting ability.  Our guidelines endorse the efforts of the Vizsla Club Of America (VCA) to eliminate hip dysplasia in dogs by breeding only those dogs that are over two years of age and have been X-rayed and OFA certified as free from hip dysplasia.  Breeders also agree to breed only those dogs free of serious hereditary defects including epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, Von Willebrands, entropian and cranial atrophy.

Breeder Application Form


To register as a VCNC member breeder, please download the application form below. 

Note: This is an annual process and must be submitted by the end of January for each year.


The listing is published on this website here

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