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VCNC members,

It is again time to begin organizing our VCNC entries for the GGKC Cow Palace Dog Show.

Show #1: Saturday 1/26/2019
Show #2: Sunday 1/27/2019

Registration Closes: 12/12/2018




To enter with the club and avoid being benched separately, you will want to send me your entries so I can send them in together.


To help with bench decorations, I will be looking for volunteers to help with setup on Friday afternoon and tear down on Sunday afternoon.

Please send me your entries by 12/5/2018 so I can delivery them before the deadline.

  1. signed entry forms and checks/money orders payable to MB-F, INC.

  2. a note indicating your benching preferences (what dogs/people you would like to be near).

  3. a note indicating your willingness to help with our bench setup and/or tear down.


Dane Mrazek
3020 Whisperwave Circle
Redwood City, CA 94065


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