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Fun Field Day 


April 9, 2016

Come and see what field work is all about and your Vizsla will love you even more!


Hastings Island Hunting Preserve

7758 Hastings Island Road,

Rio Vista, CA 94571


Bob Meacham

(916) 284-1756

Starting Time

8:00 am for first braces. Check the bracing sheet that will be published by April 6 for an idea when your starting time is.


Rolls and coffee will be available for early birds


When you arrive at the parking lot, enter the Preserve's clubhouse and find the VCNC table where you can register and get additional informantion, like how to find our trainging courses in the fields. It might be a bit crowded as other field events may be going on.

What to Wear

Be prepared for sun, wind, heat, fog and FUN!  Dress for comfort: wear good shoes or boots.  Bring a chair, binoculars, a leash, crate and/or tie-out (an important part of a dog’s training is his time spent away from the “action”).

A training course will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes of walking in the field. Wearing hiking boots or similar shoes will make that much easier. In wet conditions, rubber boots are best.

For safety reasons the Hunting Preserve’s rules mandate the wearing of blaze orange vests, t-shirts, or hats. Bring your own or borrow club vests, or purchase at the club house.

What to Wear

There will be two courses, the Junior field for novices and the Senior for the more experienced dogs or handlers.  Each course will have a formal start/finish line, marked by an orange flag post. Just look where the Vizsla people are congregating and chatting.


In the entry form below, you will have to say how many birds you want for each dog you handle. These birds will be 'planted' in the bird field of the course you enter. Each course is run in 'braces' with two handlers and one dog each. Friends and family can walk with you. In AKC parlance that's called a 'gallery'.  


A mentor will also walk with you to guide and provide helpful feedback. 


We need to know from your entry whether or not your dog has been exposed to gunshot. If not, we will brace your dog with equals to make sure no shots are to be fired.


Shotguns are only used in the Senior field. Thus, if you want to train on retrieve, your dog has to be "gun-broke" and "steady to shot". Please sufficiently describe your dog's level in the entry.


We also would like to know what specific skills you want to train. This can range from "first exposure to fieldwork" to "steady to wing and fall" and "retrieve to hand".


After the entry deadline (March 29) you will be emailed a bracing sheet. That's the "running order" for each course. This gives you an idea at what time you need to be at the starting line and who your brace mate is.


You are not supposed to walk and/or let your dog run in the Preserve's fields by yourself, unless you are a member of the Hastings Island Hunting Club. But you can accompany someone who is. Ask around if you are interested...


Hamburgers/Hot Dogs with chips and soda will be available for purchase ($5). Please let us know how many you’d like. 

Sign Up

The deadline is passed now!


If you missed it but still want to attend we will try to accommodate you and your Vizsla after the dogs with reservations have finished their runs. However, as we have a big turn out we can not guarantee to be able to do so.

Sign Up
Rules at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve


  • EVERYONE attending this event MUST sign in at the front counter in the clubhouse upon arrival, and sign out at departure.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Drive carefully!  The speed limit on the island is strictly enforced at 15 MPH.

  • Participants are welcome to come the night before the event.  Campers may park overnight in the parking lot.  Do not drain any hose from an RV or TRAILER.  All RVS/TRAILERS MUST BE SELF-CONTAINED!

  • The clubhouse is open 24 hours per day and does have shower facilities.  Please leave these facilities in an orderly and clean condition.  Please deposit all garbage in trash cans.

  • The refrigerators in the kitchen may be used only under supervision of the Hastings Island Hunting Preserve staff and only for temporary food storage.  The kitchen may not be used for cooking or food preparation.

  • Dogs are not allowed in the following areas: the clubhouse or clubhouse porch. Picnic areas or the mowed area adjacent to the picnic area or the trap range. Dogs must be on leash at all times when not in the fields. Please clean up after your dogs and do not tie them to trees or fences; bring stakeouts, crates or pens.

  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the fields. 

  • Running time in the field is strictly limited to the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm!  EVERYONE must be out of the fields and signed out by 4:00 pm each day!  No exceptions!  Dogs must be on leash outside these hours.


  • WATER:  is available from a hose by the entrance to the parking lot and water tubs will be placed in the fields for dogs and horses

    Directions to Hastings Island Hunting Preserve





Traveling EAST on Hwy 12 toward Rio Vista: Approximately 18 miles on Hwy 12 there is a flashing light at the intersection of Hwy 113. Turn left on 113 NORTH until coming to another flashing light at the intersection of Hwy 113 and Hastings Island Road. EAST: Turn right onto Hastings Road and ½ mile up the road there is ascension onto a levee at the intersections of Hastings and Salem Roads. You will see “No Trespassing” Signs. ignore them! You are now on Hastings Island Road. Obey the 15 MPH speed limit and proceed 3 miles to the clubhouse and SIGN IN!



Traveling WEST on Hwy 80 toward San Francisco. Take the Pedrick Road exit. Go left over the Freeway and stay on this road until you get to Midway Road. Turn RIGHT to the next intersection that is Hwy 113. Turn LEFT and follow 113 until you see the 2nd flashing light. The road doglegs to the right but you go straight (WATCH THE CROSS TRAFFIC COMING FROM THE RIGHT) there is NO Stop!!!  ¼ mile up the road you will ascend onto a levee and then a gravel road. Stay on it until you get to the island. There will be “No Trespassing” signs, ignore them! Obey the 15 Mile Speed Limit and proceed 3 miles further to the clubhouse and SIGN IN!



Travel WEST on Hwy 12 toward Fairfield. 1 mile past Rio Vista turn RIGHT onto Church Road, at the end of Church, turn LEFT onto Airport road. 1 mile further there will be a “Y” at the intersection with Liberty Island Road. Stay to the RIGHT on Liberty Island Road. 5 miles further, the road ascends onto a levee and a bridge that will be on your left. There will be “No Trespassing” signs, ignore them and cross the bridge. You are on the Hastings Island Road. Obey the 15 MPH speed limit and proceed 4 miles further to the clubhouse and SIGN IN!



Aggie Animal Clinic 707-678-1643 Dixon                               

All Animal Veterinary Clinic  707-374-6355 Rio Vista

Solano Pet Emergency Clinic  707-864-1444 Cordelia



American Medical Response:     800-622-9782


North Bay Medical Center (EMERGENCY) 707-429-7830  

Rules at the Preserve
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