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2017 Annual Fun Field Day

Saturday April 04, 2020

Hastings Island
Hunting Preserve

7758 Hastings Island Rd, Rio Vista, CA 94571

$26 per run for NonVCNC members

$15.00 per fun for VCNC members

All levels and ages




Lunch  available for purchase ($5)


Reservation deadline is Sunday March 29, 2020

For more information


Event Secretary:

Stephan Baur

(415) 830-5847


Event Chairs:

Patsy Pope

707 974 6272

Christine Chartier

408 718 7855

Come and see what fieldwork is all about and your Vizsla will love you even more!


The VCNC Fun Field Day is a great opportunity to expose your Vizsla to the joys of hunting game birds in the field. It is geared towards “all ages and skill levels” of dogs and owners. You are given a unique opportunity to participate in a day of training runs and instruction on hunting game birds in the field. Get advice and mentoring from our seasoned club members, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day with many other Vizslas and their families.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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