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VCNC's Judy Jackson Award

The Vizsla Club of Northern California (VCNC) is a membership club which is only as strong as its members make it.  Hours of volunteer time go in to maintaining the club and putting on its different programs and events.  To recognize these efforts, the board of the VCNC in 2007 initiated an annual award to be presented to a volunteer that has gone “above and beyond” in their efforts to help the club achieve its mission of “promoting understanding and responsible ownership of the Vizsla breed.”  The award is named after Judy Jackson, a beloved long time Rescue coordinator.


Judy and her husband, Don, selflessly co-chaired our rescue program from 1993 to 2006.  Together, Judy and Don ran such a successful program that it was awarded the top rescue program within the VCA for many years running.  They sacrificed much to ensure that every homeless Vizsla was taken in, cared for and placed.  When the club lost Judy unexpectedly due to complications with an illness, we lost a woman who was bigger than life. 

The Judy Jackson award is bestowed annually on a special club member who has gone “above and beyond” the call of volunteering their time to the VCNC, ensuring that the VCNC continues in existence and flourishes.  To receive this award, the individual has consistently shown commitment to the VCNC year after year in areas such as serving as an officer or committee head, chairing club events, serving the Rescue program, and lending a helping hand to assist when needed, even when not in the member’s main area of Vizsla interest.


Past Recipients are as follows, with a very brief overview of their contributions:


2007  Gordon Strohmeier – Field Trials

2008  Rita Martinez – Board work, newsletter contributions, Rescue work

2009  Jamie Menasco  – Board work; admin work (update bylaws and club’s legal entity status)

2010  Vickie Payne – Board work; chaired committees; secretary for WFT for many years; initiated Agility Trial

2011  Pam Lambros – Board work; chaired multiple committees

2012  Tiffany Jorgens – Board work; rebuilt our website; Rescue work

2013  Kay Ingle – Board work; committee chair; Rescue work

2014  Theresa Prikasky – Committee chair; raffles for specialty; trophy donations

2015 Suzy Baur – Board work, Rescue Picnic Chair, Fun Field Day Chair, Hunt Test Chair

2016 Mike Menasco – Walking Field Trial Chair, Gunner, Field Trial Judge

2017 Michelle Artis – Board work, event volunteering



Nomination phase starts in November and closes mid December. See specific communication on the News page and in an email shout out. Awards announced in January's Membership Meeting, usually during the Awards Luncheon.

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