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To be a club we need members.


Any person eighteen years or older in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribes to the purposes of this Club is eligible for membership. All members apply initially as Associate members.  Applicants for full Individual or Household memberships must appear in person at a General Membership meeting before his/her name is submitted to the current membership for approval. At the next General Membership meeting the application will be voted upon in accordance with Article X, Section 1 of the by-laws, and affirmative votes of 2/3 of the Individual or Household members present and voting will be required to elect the applicant.

Offered Membership Levels

As a member you will:

  • Gain access to the member-only section to enter achievements, browse the newsletter archive, read the VCNC blog, get the club meeting minutes, and more

  • Be included in all official club communications through shout-outs and updates

  • Giving back to the Vizsla community by attending club meetings and help to plan and/or run our events.

  • Actively contribute to the well being of the Vizsla breed


Three types of memberships are offered:

Offered Memberships

This is the entry level membership. It doesn't provide voting rights nor eligibility to become a club officer. Therefore, you are not requested to attend club meetings as often as with full membership.

This membership level is also the first step to become a full member. 

$ 20

Includes a single person with single vote previldege and eligibility for holding office. You are expected to attend two club meetings per year and to contribute by volunteering in the running of the club and/or our events.

$ 20

This provides the same as Individual Membership for for two people living in the same household. Each person is entitled to a separate vote. 

As with Individual, you are expected to attend two club meetings and to contribute by volunteering in the running of the club and/or our events.

$ 25


The membership year covers January 1 to December 31. Annual dues, payable on or before January 1 of each year, entitle all members to receive the club newsletter, access to the members only section of this website and the opportunity to participate in meetings and activities. However, only Individual or Household members are entitled to vote or hold office. No Individual or Household member may vote whose dues are not current. 



Because the VCNC is a volunteer organization, it is important that, as a member, you are prepared to volunteer. We need your commitment to attend the club meetings. We also need your commitment to assist with club functions. Both the meetings and the club functions are held in various locations in northern California so as to prevent a hardship to those living in any one geographic location. However, the geographic location may be dictated by the function. If you are unable to commit to a minimum of two official meetings per year and volunteer to assist with one club function per year you may wish to consider an Associate membership.


Why do we need your commitment of a minimum of two meetings?

Meetings are where we conduct the business necessary to keep the club functioning. In order to do this, members vote on club business issues. Unless a quorum of club members (in good standing) are present a vote cannot be taken, and therefore no club business decisions can be made. It is critical for the club, should you decide to become an Individual or Household member, that you attend the meetings.


Why do we need you to volunteer to help at a minimum of one club function?

This is simply because it is not fair to those who do volunteer to be the continuous supporting body for those who do not volunteer. This situation causes burn-out in our active members and eventually they too become inactive members.


What are the differences between an Associate, Individual and Household memberships?

All memberships enjoy all the privileges of the VCNC except for the fact that Associate members are precluded from holding office or voting on club business. As an Individual or Household member you should be prepared for an annual commitment to attend meetings to vote on club business and to volunteer to help with one or more club functions. As an Associate member, you are welcome to attend any and all meetings and are encouraged to help with one or more club functions. However, as an Associate member, your commitment to attend club meetings is not expected. Only you can decide which participation level is right for you or your family. Personal schedules today are very hectic, especially if you or your children are involved in other activities. If this is the case, becoming an Associate member provides you with the opportunity to attend any or all functions without the pressure of additional personal commitment. But if you do have the spare time, we welcome you with open arms. No matter which membership option you select, we look forward to seeing you at club meetings and events.

Becoming a Member


To become a member follow these steps:


  1. First, complete and submit the online form.
    Then, go to "Payments", click the "Buy Now" button for Associate Membership, and submit payment.  
    download form, print, complete, and mail it with check in the amount of $20 -payable to VCNC- to the Membership Chair, Theresa Prikazsky Mrazek, 3020 Whisperwave Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065.


  2. Click "Login/SignUp" in the top right corner and create your account. Please use the same email as you did in step 1 and create your password.

  3. Upon receipt of your check you will be notified in email and your account is confirmed. This gives you full access to the "Members Only" section. Also, your email, phone number, and address will be added to the member directory that is displayed/downloadable by members only in the "Members Only" section.

  4. Stay an Associate Member or attend two membership meetings. You can be voted in during the second meeting and your membership is changed to Individual, or if you wish, you can change it to Household.


Membership Renewal


To renew your membership:


  1. Go to "Payments" and click the "Buy Now" button corresponding with your Membership to submit payment. If you are not sure about the type of membership you have, go to the directory and search for your name.
    download form, print, complete, and mail it with check in the amount of $20 -payable to VCNC- to the Membership Chair, Theresa Prikazsky Mrazek, 3020 Whisperwave Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065.


  2. Your email, phone number, and address is in the member directory that is displayed/downloadable by members only in the "Members Only" section.
    If you need to change your member directory entry please fill out this online form.


  3. If you haven't done already: 
    Click "Login/SignUp" in the top right corner to create your account -make sure to use the same email as on record with your membership.


  4. Accounts without renewal will be blocked.

Membership Instructions
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