VCNC Holiday Party

After chairing the Holiday Party for 5 years now, Skywest club house feels like home for the holidays. Decorated for the season, the club house had the feel of a good time about to happen.

Dane Mrazek, our club president, once again out did himself with the tri-tip. With all the club members attending and bringing their best recipes, the holiday spirit was well on it's way. Ending with cheese cake and Almond crunch cake, and coffee. Club business was attended to, thanks to the quorum being met.

Many of the club members brought lovely gifts to the raffle, and help was on hand with Michelle Rochester pulling the winning tickets. Dear Henri Pokorny was happily having trouble with all his wins.

A major shout out to those that helped clean up after the fun. And thanks to those that made the day special by sharing the good times with new friends and old.

See you next year!

Julie Fitzgerald

Holiday Chair