March Field Trial

Our trial was held March 5-6 at Little Panoche. The weather forecast was ominous – lots of heavy rain and high winds. Everyone came prepared with foul weather gear. However, the field trial gods smiled on us, as the weather was perfect for running dogs. There was rain both nights with gusty wind Saturday night, but Saturday we just had a few scattered sprinkles and no rain on Sunday.

Saturday morning, with Judges Leif Lendrop and Vickie Tompkins, the first dogs were on the line at 7:30 to start Open Gun Dog with 20 dogs running. John Moynier had been in the saddle earlier and salted the course. Mike Menasco and Bill Landress rode the braces to gun on course for the retrieves. Winner was Spot with a 4 pt major, handled by LeRoy Merrell. 2nd – Josie, 3rd -Winnie, 4th – Slick.

While OGD was running, Open Puppy with 8 entries, started on course B. Judges were Gayle Moynier and Dave Tompkins. The young dogs were happy running on the hills. Winner was Ares, 2nd – Penny, 3rd – Dottie and 4th – Clyde.

Open Limited Gun Dog, with an entry of 39 dogs, began when OGD finished. Judges were Vickie and Dave Tompkins. Four braces were run on Saturday.

That night we had our potluck dinner. Jackson Stein volunteered to BBQ chicken. He brought Cajun, BBQ and regular. All 3 were delicious. Along with the chicken, we had salads, macaroni salad, artichoke dip, beans and brownies for dessert. Bill Landress put up his big tent and provided lights, so we all had dinner under cover and enjoyed visiting.

Sunday morning John Moynier salted the course again and the first brace was cast off at 7:10. Conditions were ideal for the dogs with cool temperature and cloudy skies. With 16 braces to run, we were on a tight schedule and Mike and Jamie Menasco and Vicky Moore kept us on time. Mike planted birds and let Jamie and Vickie know when to get the next brace on the line. The winter rain damage to the grounds did not allow vehicles to park close to the starting line with a view of the course, so thank goodness for the radios! Mike, Linda Azevedo, Deanna Azevedo and Jean Viarengo were great bird planters all weekend.

The last brace finished at 3:30 on Sunday. The winner of the 5 pt major was Mojo, 2nd – Rambler, 3rd – Via and 4th – Rein, owned by Marian Sears and Gayle Moynier.

Also in the morning, we had a non-regular Baby Puppy Stake with Judges Vicky Moore and Bill Landress. Nine pups ran, 5 of them Vizslas. It was great to see their enthusiasm.

Everyone working together made this a fun, successful trial. Thanks to our judges who spent hours in the saddle, our bird planters, Gayle Moynier and Marian Sears were great bird baggers, and Susan Loomis learned how to bag birds and also helped people keep on schedule. Jackson fed us well. Pam Lambros took beautiful pictures and posted them on Facebook. Thanks to Danny Azevedo for bringing the water and the Porta Potty. Linda and Scott Azevedo transported the birds for us.

Without all the hours that Marian spent getting judges, dealing with Fish and Game and AKC, putting together the premium, there would not have been a trial, so many thanks Marian.

--Mary Shapiro

Note: See also results at AKC's website, which will be published once the official paperwork has been processed.

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