2016 Fun Field Day

Record showing at this year's Fun Field Day, despite a cold and rainy day at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve.

This year’s Fun Field Day was an absolute success! The rain and wind made things a little interesting but everyone took it in stride and it was not a factor. We had many new Vizsla parents bring their puppies to meet upland game for the first time as well as many seasoned veterans showing those puppies how it’s done.

More than 76 dogs blissfully run the fields, with more than 63 handlers. With over two thirds of them Juniors we added a second bird field this year!

Due to the weather, we had our lunch indoors with a cozy fire roaring and great conversation. It was a fantastic event that brought people together. Again, so many thanks to all the dedicated volunteers we had from gunners to BBQ’ers.

The great success of this year’s event was only possible because of our amazing, dedicated and astonishingly talented volunteers. My eternal gratitude goes out to everyone who made the day possible and kept a smile on their faces even though the wind was trying to blow it right off!

Bob Meacham

VCNC Fun Field Day Chair

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Photos: Stephan Baur