Hunting Test 2016

I'd like to take a moment to express my heart-felt gratitude to everyone volunteering at my first Hunt Test last weekend. Danke schön dear Pam Lambros for coaching me through it - I greatly appreciated your guidance throughout. Merci beaucoup to Walter Windus, our secretary par excellence. Big thanks go to our four terrific judges Sarah Chvilicek, Steve @ Michelle Ferriera Artis, Derrick Mullin and Jim Simmons. And to Nancy Cowell for bringing out the horses! Our two line-marshalls Leslie Yamamoto Andersonand Tim Wales were experts at keeping things rolling at the line. Muchas gracias to the three gunners Mike Menasco, Wade Hayes and Randy Payne, who never missed a beat. A big shout-out goes to our bird planters Alex Reinecke, Mark Miller, Marian Sears, Tim Hensel, Lisa Nordine and Kate Blundell, who tireless worked the Junior Field. And kudos to the lunch crew Pam Lambros, Kate Blundell and Maria Potter!! And last but not least Merci vilmol to Stephan Baur, who was always there helping out where ever he was needed. I could not have pulled this off without everyone's generous support. Thank you to all of you and everyone else that worked in the background! I look forward to our Double Double next spring.

--Suzy Baur