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Vizsla Rescue Program

Kay Ingle has stepped up to fill the position of rescue chair. In order to keep the rescue program going, we need a place to home the dogs until a forever home is found. Without fosters, rescue will not survive. If you are interested to foster a rescued Vizsla please apply with this form.

Program Mission

The mission of VCNC Rescue is to provide help to homeless Vizslas in addition to those individuals needing to surrender their Vizsla. We operate under the Vizsla Club of Northern California, a not-for-profit organization.


We maintain a close relationship with shelters in our area and are happy to work with other rescue groups as well. Our work is all about the dogs that need our help rather than giving time to human differences.


All dogs in the program receive an exam including a heartworm test and are up to date on innoculations. They are also spayed and neutered. We pass any information we have on a given dog to the prospective owner. The object is to keep no secrets and place the dogs in the best home for them given their background and personality.


Occasionally we receive a special needs dog and we work very hard to make sure they are placed appropriately. Thankfully, there are caring individuals in the world that are willing to take on a dog with a health, age or behavioral issue.


We endeavor to stay in the black while accomplishing our work.


Who We Are

VCNC is one of the largest AKC Vizsla breed clubs in the United States. Our membership incorporates a large area including parts of Nevada. We have been very active in serious rescue work for many years. Our club members strongly support rescue efforts while also being very involved in showing in conformation, field work, agility, tracking, obedience, rally obedience, and canine freestyle.


Where The Dogs Come From

In most cases our dogs are owner surrenders. Many circumstances can cause a dog to need a new home. Those are often lifestyle changes due to work, divorce, or issues with children, a move or transfer, or a death in the family. We occasionally get a dog from a shelter situation, but the bulk are from owners that didn't realize how active a Vizsla can be.


The Types Of Vizslas We Get

We do not regularly get puppies into the rescue program. Most are over a year of age and some can be over 5 years of age. A Vizsla is really a puppy until at least 3 years of age and becomes even a better dog at 5 - 7 years old. Vizslas have a long life span and it isn't unusual to hear of 14 year old Vizsla still demanding a daily walk.

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A Special Tribute

Judy Jackson was the VCNC Rescue Chair from 1993-2004. During that time Judy placed approximately two hundred Rescue Vizslas into their forever homes. In addition to the phone calls, e-mail, coordination, pick-up and delivery of dogs, vet care, advice, counseling, encouragement, education, follow-up, Rescue Picnics, writing letters, submitting rescue news, working with rescue coordinators in other areas and more, Judy and her husband Don also opened their home to foster countless Rescue Vizslas. Since then, Rita Martinez, Susan Loomis, Kay Ingle and countless others have tried to fill her large shoes.

The VCNC honors Judy in the annual "Judy Jackson Award" to recognize outstanding volunteer efforts.

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