35th VCNC Annual Specialty, Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes, and Supported Entry Shows

September 18-19, 2021

Solano County Fairgrounds
900 Fairgrounds Drive
Vallejo, CA 94589-94590


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About the Show - New Revised Date, Location, & Kennel Club

On September 18, 2021,  the VCNC will be hosting its 35th Annual Specialty Show at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA as a concurrent Specialty.   There will be one Supported Entry show, one Specialty show including Junior Showmanship and one Sweepstakes Show in the same day! 

Details for Supported Entry Saturday Show are forthcoming.

Details for Concurrent Specialty, Sweepstakes and Junior Showmanship Shows on Saturday are forthcoming.

A second VCNC Supported Entry Show will be held on Sunday, September 19, 2021.  The  Supported Entry shows on Saturday and Sunday will be held in conjunction with Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club, Inc.

Details for Supported Entry Sunday Show are forthcoming.


Lovely keepsake trophies have been selected and will be awarded during the Sweepstakes, Specialty and Supported Entry Shows. For 2021, the VCNC has selected 82 trophies which will be awarded during the Sweepstakes, Specialty and Supported Entry Shows. The featured trophies for Specialty and Sweepstakes are art prints from Marsha Gilger and Gail Richardson, Vizsla functional items and dog toys are from Dean Russo and Mud River for Supported Entry Shows.

Trophy Sponsorship

2021 Trophy Sponsorship is available now.  You have two options for submitting your sponsorship.  The first is by downloading the trophy form, filling it out and mailing it to the address below along with your check payable to the "VCNC".  The second option allows you to access the online sponsorship form to check current trophy availability as well as reserve your trophy sponsorship online prior to mailing in your check.  The deadline for sponsorships to be included in the VCNC trophy sponsorship program is Friday, August 1, 2021.

Option 1: Download the Trophy Sponsorship Form:



Option 2: fill out the online Sponsorship Form:



Please mail trophy sponsorship and checks to

Theresa Prikazsky Mrazek

13871 Ginger Loop

Penn Valley, CA 95946

Phone: (408) 829-2888

Premium List

MB-F is the Show Secretary for the early Afternoon Sweepstakes, Specialty and Junior Showmanship Shows on Saturday, September 18, 2021.   Additional show information is available at the MB-F site in the future.

MB-F is also the superintendent for the Supported Entry Show on Sunday, September 19, 2021.    Additional show information is available at the MB-F site in the future.

Show Closing Date for all shows is Wednesday, September 1,  2021 at 12 pm PST.

Specialty Luncheon: 

To Be Determined in consideration of COVID-19 virus.  

Show Time, Judges, Entries, Ring Location

Thursday, September 16th All Breed Show - TBD

Friday, September 17th All Breed Show - TBD


Saturday, September 18th Veteran Sweepstakes Show - TBD


Saturday, September 18th Junior Showmanship Show - TBD

Saturday, September 18th Specialty Afternoon Show including Best Puppy,

Best Veteran and Best BBE – TBD

Sunday, September 19th Supported Entry Show – TBD

Show Ring Location: To be announced after show closing date of September 1, 2021
Volunteer Opportunities

The 35th Annual VCNC Conformation Sweepstakes and Specialty event needs volunteers in order for it to be a success. There are various jobs where assistance will be needed on the day of the September 18th shows. The goal is to get enough volunteers so only 30-60 minutes of your time will be needed for most positions. These jobs include:

  • Trophy Table Setup Volunteers – September 18th  before show
    Responsible for setting up trophy table with Sweepstakes, Junior Showmanship and Specialty awards in the early morning before start of all shows.

  • Ring Steward VCNC Assistant - September 18th during shows                                                                              Responsible for assisting ring steward in handing of awards for each class.

If interested in volunteering, contact Michelle Rochester or phone at (775) 745-0454.

Show Contact

If you have any questions contact VCNC Specialty Show Chairman, Michelle Rochester

or phone at (775) 745-0454.