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Home Comings ;-)


We are listing our success stories here. These are the Rescues who found their forever-homes through the efforts of the VCNC Rescue team of volunteers. It is so comforting to read their stories and know they are in good hands and loving hearts.


Thanks, team!


Nero came into rescue with 2 previous homes which did not quite work out.  Both were unprepared for the activity of this breed needing training and stimulation.  Nero has done well in our family and now holds AKC titles in Obedience (BN), Rally (RN), Agility (NJP, NAP, OAP), and as a Therapy Dog (ThD). He is happy in his forever home now!


Hurray! Jasper found his forever-home. We are patiently waiting for an update.


That's right, he's as fast as the motorcycle! Buell has a very fun loving, happy-go-lucky personality that won over his foster mom. He is now enjoying life with two other canine brothers and goes on hikes and ski trips with his parents near Lake Tahoe.


Apollo found a wonderful family to spend the rest of his life with. He even has new horse and dog friends. We didn't know how Apollo would be around the pool but apparently he was a dock diver in his previous life! He is now grinning from ear to ear and couldn't be happier.



From the plains of Nebraska to the snow covered Sierras, Dexter has come a long way to find his forever home. His new family was very patient in waiting for the right dog to come along and it has paid off. Dexter now has a sister Vizsla to romp in the snow with, a human brother and sister who give him lots of hugs, and a lifetime of adventure ahead of him!


Hannah received the best gift for the holidays . . . her forever home! She is now the center of attention, has a feline sibling to play with, enjoys daily walks and block parties, and is socializing quite well with other dogs. As you can see, she even has an impressive new wardrobe too!

Cooper (aka Jebediah)

Love is truly blind. Cooper, who is obviously older than 2-years-old, was rescued by an angel who saw past his age. In return, the 10-year-old expresssed his appreciation through his young spirit. Cooper now has two younger brothers and loves to go on walks with them.


Through VCNC rescue, Josie came into our life the later part of February and quickly moved into our hearts. Her background is unknown as she was found wandering the streets and luckily found her way into Vizsla rescue. She loves to walk and run with us, exploring her surroundings. With a little work, she is walking well on leash, and when off leash, comes when she is called. 


Sam and his brother Dexter were purchased outside of a Walmart in Nebraska. Little did he know that cardboard box would soon be a distant memory. Once his owners realized the demands of two energetic pups would not meet their changing lifestyle, they contacted Vizsla rescue. His new family could not be happier and treat him as the prince he was born to be!

Sonny (aka Stockton)

Sonny (aka Stockton) is now taking two steps forward to one step back, as opposed to the other way around. After we adopted him, we discovered that he is terrified of kitchens, dishes, doorways, cameras, including cel-phone cameras, thunder and other loud noises, sudden movements, and more. Now he is comfortable with our routine and he fills us with joy.


Scout was loved from day one. He has never known a sad life like some of our other rescues. Saddly, Scout had to be rehomed because of unforeseen circumstances. As heartbroken as his family was, they wanted what was best for Scout. As you can see, their decision though very difficult resulted in another family's overwhelming happiness. 


Ruger, Roo, or Rue, it doesn't matter how you spell it, he is quite a pistol!  He captured our hearts the moment he entered our home!  His endearing sweetness and happy-go-lucky attitude are his winning qualities. He has already given us many smiles and laughs watching him frolic around the house and yard.


It is unfortunate that dogs are unable to speak to us because Luma sure had a story. Possibly from a backyard breeder or puppy mill, Luma showed signs of overbreeding and stress. She just wanted to be loved and lounge in the grass. She finally ended up in a home that understood her and helped her to move forward.


As a foster, Jimmy was taken to the vet to be neutered by Dr. Waldo. Well, it was love at first site and that was the beginning of Jimmy's new life with Dr. Waldo! The pup who was once insecure and shy is now greating everyone with a great big smile.


Coming from humble beginnings in the mountains (possibly as a backyard breeder or puppy mill stud) Jack is now enjoying a social life in a beach town!

Stella (aka Ella)

Stella has quickly integrated into our family and has made her presence felt in all of the most comfortable areas of the house - the bed, the couch, our laps... Stella came to us all the way from Oregon and she is working at getting used to all of the new sights and smells in Central California.


After many kind donations, Charger received a hip replacement and spent 8 weeks in recovery and has finally gone to his forever home! His new family has been so patient and could not be happier to finally have their new member. Thanks again to all of you who donated time, energy and money to the raffle. His success is your success!


Buddy made a wonderful addition as a foster. And things are only better for the family who got to keep him forever! As you can see, Buddy is truly happy in the arms of his new sister. He is taken on many walks and is starting to socialize well.


Toby has been placed in his forever home. He will be running with his new parents every day and even has two little brothers to throw the ball for him! 


Penny's mom and dad thought they would have her for all of her life. Unfortunate personal circumstances found Penny in rescue. At the same time a woman contacted rescue looking for a best friend to share her life with. It was kismet. Today Penny goes everywhere with mom, including work -- where she often finds homemade cookies that have been brought in by a member of her family. 


Sloane is one incredibly lucky girl! She has new parents who are going to shower her with lots of love and even take her on walks once, twice, maybe even THREE times a day!
Retirement + Vizsla=nonstop fun!


Rusty has a few angels looking out for him. Even though he bounced from foster to foster, he handled the changes with ease and finally found a loving family to love him the rest of his life. We can hardly wait to see pictures of his new adventures!

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