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Surrendering a Dog

Sadly, life sometimes brings changes that require the surrendering of a dog. This is never an easy decision, but necessary none-the-less. If you find you cannot keep your Vizsla, or you know someone who can't, please contact us right away. As breed rescue, we have applications from people wanting a dog and have experience with them. Vizslas are not for all households, and we are very successful in finding appropriate homes for these dogs.


All dogs need to have a 'profile' filled out with the known information about the dog. This would include things such as the breeder, age, medical, likes, dislikes, socialization, lifestyle background etc. When you contact us about surrendering a dog, we will send you a profile form to fill out. This information allows us to make the best possible placements for individual dogs. If you have taken in a stray and have no information, we ask that you do your best, but certainly will not turn you away because you don't have complete information. Once completed, please email back to rescue and we will give you the best fax number to send it to.


IMPORTANT: If possible, please allow us enough notice so that we can arrange transportaion and find the best suitable foster for your dog.


Some situations require that we get the dog into a foster care home immediately. In other cases, families elect to keep the dog until a home is located. We strive to remain flexible and work each case on an exclusive basis. We have foster homes stationed around the Greater Bay Area, each one offering a unique setting for the dogs.


If you locate a dog in a shelter, we appreciate being made aware. Not all shelters are well staffed and many cannot take the time to call rescue groups often. We do not like to see Vizsla in shelter settings as they do not tend to do well in that environment.

Have you tried . . .

The last thing you want is for your dog to end up with someone who does not know the Vizsla breed and it's needs. Please:


If your dog is exhibiting warning signs that he/she is stressed or being destructive, do not wait until things get really bad. Work with a professional trainer and your veterinarian to solve problems. Make time for routine walks together if you are not already doing so. If your dog is not already fixed, please spay or neuter. Many of the behavioral problems we see can be solved by a simple surgery. There are many programs and clinics willing to fix dogs for a reasonable fee. Are you protecting your dog from little tugging and hitting hands? If not, your dog may take it upon his or herself. Socialize and network with other Vizsla owners. You may come across someone willing to help if you do not have the time to work with your dog.

Plan ahead

Please do not rush placing your Vizsla. Allow enough time to screen adoptees appropriately. Make sure they clearly understand that they will be getting an active dog that requires a lot of attention. People will tell you just about anything to get one of these "beautiful" dogs. Or they may have intentions other than aquiring a new family member. Make sure your dog is fixed before placing in a new home.

Contact your breeder

A responsible breeder will help you find a new home or take the puppy back.

Contact a rescue

Try contacting other Vizsla and purebred rescues. The biggest problem rescues have is the lack of foster homes. Offer to foster the dog until they find an eligible applicant.

And as a last resort

If there is no other solution but to remove your dog from your home immediately, please surrender your Vizsla to a no-kill shelter or rescue group. You may have to drive a long distance but that small act may save his/her life. Vizslas are becoming very popular and the right person is bound to come along.

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