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Message from Jamie, VCNC treasurer:

Dues are due by Dec. 31

Please go to "Become a Member" to read about the full process, or short cut to here and submit your payment directly online.

Message from Dane, VCNC president:

News Flash

3nd quarter issue is out.

Message from Stephan, VCNC webmaster:

You can contribute

Share your Vizsla pictures and enter your Vizsla's achievements.

Message from Kay, VCNC rescue chair:

Rescue on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account go and check out the VCNC Rescue Facebook group.

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Watch Out for Toxic Mushrooms (from our Archive)

Heavy El Niño rain, which catalyzes the growth of poisonous mushrooms, has caused the death of pets that consumed the deadly plant.


While all the rain is good news for drought stricken California, it's also spurring the growth of mushrooms that can be deadly to pets. To be safe, it's best to keep your dog away from all wild mushrooms and call your vet immediately if you think your animal has eaten a mushroom. This photo gallery shows a handful of the most recognizable species of toxic mushrooms. More advise here.

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